Super Foods

Super foods are a group of known foods that are exceptionally nutrient dense. They can sometimes replace traditional supplements and be added to your every day diet to improve your health.

We have a great range of super foods that will make you feel wonderful from the inside out. Brands include :

  • Ancient and Wild Organics Marine Collagen + Bee Pollen
  • Amazonia RAW
  • Four Sigmatic Mushrooms
  • Green Nutritionals / MicrOrganics
  • Hemp Foods Australia
  • Hemple
  • Love Your Gut Powder – by Lee Holmes
  • Loving Earth
  • Melrose
  • Matcha Maiden
  • Nature’s Goodness Kefir
  • Nutra Organics – Collagen + Super Lattes
  • Power Super Foods
  • Superfeast
  • Synergy
  • Teelixir
  • The Chia Seed Co
  • Vital Greens